#54 Stop & Shop

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54 Stop & Shop

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AmperArt #54, Stop & Shop, is the latest in the AmperArt Advertising Slogan series. But far more important, it’s an honorable mention to all you die-hard Black Friday shoppers who probably are reading this on your brand new 90%-off tablet, smartphone, or even flat screen tv–after waiting in line all night, getting crushed by thousands of other bumbling idiots (I meant to say savvy shoppers, excuse me) & finally getting to the cash register with the very last product of its kind in the store. It’s probably cracked & missing a part or two–but who cares, it was on sale!

black fri mob

I should have titled this one Stop & Shop & Drop–as in drop everything the sale’s starting, or drop dead as you’re trampled by the mob.

As stated on dictionary.com:

When you stop to think about it, the use of black to describe a massive shopping day contradicts the history of other “black” days. In fact, Black Friday originally refered to Sept 24, 1869, when the collapse of a gold speculation plan took the stock market down. Black Monday is known as “the most notorious day in financial history (Oct 19, 1987.)”

So where did the lucrative connotation of Black Friday come from? Two possibilities exist:

In Philadelphia, where the sales originated, police deemed the retail event Black Friday because the amount of traffic was a black spot on their holiday weekend.

The more popular explanation has to do with the colors of ink accountants traditionally used for noting profit and loss. A company “in the red” is recording loss, red ink being the traditional color for noting negative finances. “In the black” means just the opposite; thus the notion that Black Friday will force those bookkeepers to put away the red ink, and get out the black.

(See full article at http://blog.dictionary.com/black-friday-monday/)

listen up!I may still have my old cell phone, bruised pots & pans, & a laptop that’s still running an OS from the beginning of time, but I also have no crushed toes, no broken ribs, & most of my sanity.

Enjoy your new toys, savvy shoppers.

Original size: 20×30 inches
Program: Photoshop
Font: Impact
Image of shopping cart: www.shelfsuppliers.net
Image of mob: www.hudsonhorizons.com/pub/images/blackfridaymobs.png


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5 thoughts on “#54 Stop & Shop

  1. You HAVE a laptop? We don’t have one of those yet. And we were told last week that our cell phones were “dinosaurs”! Black Friday Sales? No way. There’s nothing worth going out into those crowds for. The only reason to go out of the house on that day is to Find the Daily coin! :-)

  2. Clever, funny, with a bit of sarcasm but deservedly so. ;) I love a good sale but I’m not the Black Friday or even Thanksgiving night shopper. It’s just not worth it. HOWEVER . . . last night since my sister was visiting for Thanksgiving and she had a $10 off $10 minimum coupon for Kohl’s, she asked if we could stop by there when they opened at 8pm last night. We arrived about 8:20 and even though the parking lot was full, we found a decent spot. The store was crowded but not overly so. She looked at a few things she had in mind and as we walked to the back of the store, we noticed a line of people. I knew it was too early for returns already so she asked if that was the line for checkout. Sure enough, it was. Both doors of cash registers had lines of people that wrapped around to the back of the store. We guessed it probably was a 2-hour line just to check out so decided it wasn’t worth saving the $10. As we were leaving past the jewelry department, I saw a large sign that said, “jewelry purchases must be paid at the jewelry counter and take a number.” I told her she should find some cheap earrings or something to buy just so she had something to show for her efforts and so she didn’t lost her $10 coupon. As luck would have it, she’d been wanting a new “old-fashioned, twist-a-flex” watch and since very few stores even carry those anymore, she was tickled to find a $30 watch just like she wanted that was on sale for $12.99. With her $10 off and my extra 15% off coupon, she paid about $2.49 total. SCORE!

    Then we high-tailed it out of there as fast as we could. Other than that, I stayed as far away from the stores today as possible.

    1. What an amusing story with a happy ending, Nancy! A score like that really is fun and worthwhile, like the shirt I got for FREE at Kohls the other day when all the discounts were applied. I can still feel those Twist-o-Flex watchbands holding the Timex tight on my wrist. Glad your sis got exactly what she wanted in such a marvelous way. (That long line leading you past the jewelry counter: HA!)
      Thanks for the nice story; for that reason alone I hope lots of people read this month’s AmperArt (on their brand new toys, of course).
      My very first holiday greeting goes out to you, Nancy. Happy Holidays! (Your avatar photo is appropriately Christmas red and green.)

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