#49 Hammer & Nail

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#49 Hammer & Nail
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Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Hammer & Nail, #49 in the AmperArt series, honors all of us who labor for a living. This edition, Hammer & Nail, pays special tribute to those journeymen who build houses to give us shelter & offices to help us work — like my brother Rob and my friend Mike. Robbie, I love you like a friend and Mike, I love you like a brother.

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chazsezLOGO-85x64I hope you enjoy your work as much as I do mine. My toolbag contains several graphics programs, a monitor & scanner, some leftover designers markers from the pre-digital era, an Xacto knife which I still use on occasion & of course my box of 120 Crayola crayons which is always right in front of me. (My favorite Crayola color is blue-green.)

Sometimes I could use a hammer, though, when the computer crashes. On the other hand, it feels good when I nail a logo on the first try.

Original dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Program: Illustrator
Font: Impact (modified)
Ampersand: 8 gauge 16D common
Background: graphicstock.com

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Chaz DeSimone

Design. Dancing. Disneyland. Modernism. Nudism. Black Cats or any other color.

7 thoughts on “#49 Hammer & Nail

  1. HI Chaz, I’m way behind on viewing your AmperArt. Saw the silver nail ampersand first, and when I went back to look again, I saw the clever hammer!

    1. It’s that coffee that I stir with my favorite spoon, the Mickey Mouse spoon you sent to me from your Ebay site (which I’ll be featuring real soon) that got my creativity going on this one. Thanks, Larry.

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