#119 Drag & Drop

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#119 Drag & Drop

#119 Drag & Drop
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Drag & Drop. The meaning is obvious to anyone who works with a computer, along with “copy & paste” & “blue screen of death.” But right now, cranking this issue out just before the deadline, drag & drop is how I feel at this moment. 

I promise the next issue, AmperArt #117 See & Be Seen, will be lots of fun, will introduce you to a fantastic guy, & will be saturated with red, red, red for Valentine’s Day. Look for it next Tuesday morning.

Now, dear readers, I’m going to drag myself to bed & drop with a thud on my pillow. Good night. 


chaz sez ...

My clients are screaming at me to publish more articles  for the chaz sez blog at DesimoneDesign.com (my professional graphic design website). So I will attempt to publish one article per month, just like AmperArt. That is, if I can pull it off before I really drag & drop—I hardly got this one out on time.

chaz sez is mostly about design, typography, printing, publishing & marketing, but on occasion I’ll divert to a sideways topic that just can’t escape my ranting & raving. They even want more of that—do I actually have a cult following?

Join the cult:


Production notes for #119 Drag & Drop:
Original size: 20×30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts: Myriad
Ampersand: Myriad
Whoever invented the mouse (thanks, although I prefer a trackball)
You may repost the image. Please credit AmperArt.com.
To download a full-size high-resolution 11×17-inch poster, click on the image.

For professional graphic design, please visit Desimone Design.

Desimone? Damn good!

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