#110 He She Me & We

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110 He She Me & We#110 He She Me & We
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Ampersand stars in hilarious music video

The ampersand looks kinda happy.AmperArt #110, He She Me & We, was inspired by a creative, fun & very funny video, Second Favorite Man, by Tight Pajamas. It features our favorite character, the fun & fabulous ampersand.

Watch the video!


Most of you know I love nudism & hate country music—not to mention I kinda like ampersands—so this video really made me a fan of Tight Pajamas. I laughed my naked ass off.

In the band’s own words:

“Second Favorite Man” is the debut single by the bay area’s Tight Pajamas. It addresses the “cheatin’ and lyin” you often find in country music, but in a totally unique way. In fact, it celebrates a kind of love traditionally bemoaned in country/western songs!

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Maurice Tani – lead vocals, electric guitar and bass,
Robert M Powell – Backing vocals and pedal steel guitar, engineering, mixing, mastering
Susie Davis – producer, backing vocals, piano
Pam Delgado – backing vocals

Not mentioned is the person who suggested the title of the AmperArt piece, He She Me & We: Jeff Greenwald. He co-wrote the song with Susie Davis & shot much of the video. (He’s the “rabbi” in one of the photos.) I checked out some of Jeff’s own videos & books. He’s a very interesting guy. His speech about Noah’s Ark is entertaining: Jeff Greenwald / Noah’s Ark

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Production notes for #110 He She Me & We:
Original size: 20×30 inches

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Fonts: Cooper Black, Benguait Charisma
Ampersand: Benguait Charisma
Effects: Gradation intended to resemble a method of screen printing, common in the 1960s-70s-80s, as were the chosen typefaces.
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9 thoughts on “#110 He She Me & We

  1. I love this, Chaz! So honored to be on your site & in your orbit. We’re working on our 2nd song … but for the moment yes, Tight Pajamas is a one-hit-wonder.

  2. Joan, thanks for visiting and commenting. I will put your client on my list of AmperArt ideas, and create a poster such as Wine & Spirits or even Gin & Vodka and send it to them (if they subscribe to AmperArt, of course). Since you already subscribe you’ll see it come in. Thanks for telling me about them. Amazing that the water can make such a difference.

    My main work (play, actually) is branding and graphic design. I get into marketing and promotion as well, so please send me your website. Mine is desimonedesign.com.

    Make sure you check out National Ampersand Day at http://amperart.com/sept-8-national-ampersand-day/ where there are fun facts about the ampersand.

  3. Interesting that when I typed in Tight Pyjamas band the yahoo search immediately blocked it to say it could be a nasty site. I wonder if that could inhibit searches? Just sayin’


  4. Brilliant! Thank you for adding some ampersand joy to my morning as I have a terrible cold and am trying to do some work. I do freelance promotion and about 4 years ago I acquired a client Ampersand Distilling a fabulous young couple making gin and vodka up here in Canada on Vancouver Island. the gin and vodka is a truly smooth and delicious craft product with a secret ingredient – spring water of astonishing purity bubbling up ut of the ground just 50 feet away from the distilling kettles. So I have a fondness for the symbol and appreciate your contribution to the ampersand world. I imagine you get some interesting correspondence!

    Cheers! Joan

    1. Probably not as interesting as the comments Tight Pyjamas gets. Look for my next AmperArt piece titled See & Be Seen, which is a poster I designed for a friend in Canada. He’s a promoter as well, and I urge you two to get to know each other. Check out https://www.theideaintegration.com/ and if you want to really get Saul’s personality visit http://saul.is/

      Also, I appreciate great comments like yours, and reward them with something special. Pick out your favorite AmperArt piece and I’ll send you an 11×17″ print. See all previous years at http://amperart.com/gallery/, or select from recent posts for this year. I’ll need your address, of course–the kind that requires a stamp.

      Have an ampermazing day, Joan.

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